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Bo Lockwood - Florida
I went from being a victim of circumstance to a student of myself.



Therese Folsom - Missouri

I was assaulted by sadness and grief after the death of my husband of 30-years. I have many kind, loving, supportive friends and family, and I also joined some grief support groups. They were somewhat helpful but I felt I needed something more.

I felt instantly comforted by Keeley's confidence that this method may offer the support I was looking for.  Her soothing voice, kindness, compassion and sincere listening made it very easy for me to talk and express my emotions to her.

I thought this process would lead me through a journey of my life with my recently deceased husband.  However, Keeley, with her knowledge and expertise, gently guided me to work on another very significant loss that I experienced earlier in my life: a divorce and loss of primary custody of my daughter.  I was a little reluctant at first but I am so grateful for Keeley's recommendation.  


I learned so much about myself and I was able to release so much anger and resentment that I was unknowingly holding on to after many years. It opened me to more healing and grief recovery in that relationship and other losses that I have experienced in my life.  I am very appreciative of Keeley and the Grief Recovery Method. I would highly recommend this method in helping anyone recover from loss of any kind.

Diane Greene, Virginia

The Grief Recovery Method is simple, and it works.  The book is easy to follow, organized to be read a couple chapters at a time along with “heart” work that helps you understand and process the pain/loss and emotions through self-reflection, acknowledgement, and short writing exercises.  If you stay committed, the process is remarkably efficient at helping you let go of the loss, by showing you how to complete it.  I considered working in other free grief share groups, but the thought of that exhausted me so I chose this one because of the ability to deep dive, one on one with someone like Keeley who had used it to heal her own loss.


Keeley’s support of me through this process was priceless.  She held me with such kindness, compassion, trust, and non-judgement.  I came into this program overwhelmed with extreme anger, loss and despair. And 8 weeks later, left with understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, and peace.


Sometimes during the program, I would want to push myself to do more out of guilt that I should “get over it” faster, but Keeley encouraged me to give myself this time, nurture myself and when I was avoiding the difficult steps to complete, lovingly reminded me that “the only way out, is through.”  If you choose to work with her, Keeley’s loving presence will be a salve for your broken heart too, and will help you to find completion and freedom from your loss.

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