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Affiliated with Laura Jack Coaching

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A holistic approach to healing after loss, that addresses
the question of "Who Am I now?"

A perfect follow on from the Grief Recovery Method program, or effective as a stand-alone program that addresses the question that often comes up after loss, "Who Am I now?" 

In this 7-week or so journey the focus is on you and releasing the heaviness of the past. You'll learn how to reconnect with yourself through, weekly modules and heart-work assignments.

As your Compassion Coach I will companion you on your self-healing journey to rediscover who you really are, and how you want to BE moving forward in life. Together we will deep dive without emotional overwhelm so you can reconnect with your body and spirit to experience the beauty of the here and now. 


  • Seven 60-minute virtual coaching sessions

  • Surviving to Thriving program modules and heart-work assignments

  • Lifetime access to video & audio teachings, meditations and other tools

  • A compassionate witnessing presence to guide you through the process in a safe and non-judgmental way.


To learn more about this program and what it would be like to work with me, schedule your complimentary discovery call.

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