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Grief Support 1-On-1 is for those who prefer to work privately with Keeley, rather than in a group setting. This format is extremely effective and utilizes the same proven materials as the group program.

At every step of the way you are respected, heard without judgement, and supported in identifying and giving voice to the array of emotions that accompany your loss. 


It involves reading chapters each week from the Grief Recovery Method Handbook 20th Anniversary edition along with completion of written heart-work  assignments.

Book your discovery call to learn more and to determine dates and times. Start at any time.


Bo Lockwood

I went from being a victim of circumstance to a student of myself.

Mollie M.

I participated in individual sessions following the loss of my mother. The process is not an easy one, but I found comfort in our weekly meetings.
Like a gentle shepherd, Keeley walks beside you in your journey through grief without imposing expectation, or judgement.
Professional and genuinely kind, Keeley is a compassionate guide through the grief process.

Therese F.

I felt instantly comforted by Keeley's soothing voice, kindness, compassion, and sincere listening that made it very easy for me to talk and express my emotions to her. 
I learned so much about myself and was able to release so much anger and resentment that I was unknowingly holding on to after many years.
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