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Yoga Nidra is meditation made easy! No experience is required and it's available to everyone regardless of their physical ability or agility. 


It's a highly restorative practice and it's benefits can be experienced immediately following a Yoga Nidra. The benefits continue to build when practiced consistently over time.


Yoga Nidra allows for the release of held tension in your body and mind and returns you back to a state of homeostasis and wholeness. 


Ideally practiced lying down in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed and can remain motionless. So get as comfortable as possible. 

Click the button below to experience what it's like for yourself.

The Secret of Relaxation Lies Within

Break the momentum of excess tension and remind your body of what it is to let go. Experience a state of bliss where you feel whole, rejuvenated and complete. Learn about the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra and experience its restorative benefits during this 4-part series of 90-minute recorded workshops. Includes 4 Yoga Nidra recordings available for download.


What People Say

Brian McCormack

Keeley’s voice puts me into a trance. Hypnotic is the only way I can describe the effect. When Keeley talked about floating during the meditation, that’s what I was doing!  All is well in the universe.

Thank you.

Therese F

This series of Yoga Nidra sessions and  accompanying lessons were invaluable to me. I would feel like my 'slate' had been wiped clean after each session. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially during these extremely stressful times. Thank you for offering this series!


I have attended several of Keeley's Yoga Nidra meditation sessions. They are potent, effective, beautiful and laser focused. Keeley speaks with clarity and purpose as she delicately guides the listener to their sacred inner space. It is there that release and transformation occur and balance naturally results. What a wonderful gift, Keeley.

Thank you for sharing.

Rosa Hernández Bado

I’ve been attending Keeley’s online Yoga Nidra to support healing of a shoulder injury. Through Keeley’s intuitive guidance with  the use of affirmation and intention I have been able to feel energy running through my body and enter into a deep meditative state where I’m able to let go of resistence. It’s wonderful!  I really don’t know if my shoulder will fully heal, but acceptance of what is as is, is enough for me. Thank you so much.

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